Since 1992

San Pietro Hotel & Restaurante was founded in 1992 as a place specialized in offering Italian cuisine in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias. Until 1996 its facilities were specialized to promoting Italian cuisine, and wake up in Cartagena a new culinary arts. In 1996, in search of a place to expand Italian cuisine, they find an old house that allowed it to continue the promotion of Italian food. Due to the experience of one of its founders in the hotel industry, they found an opportunity to offer visitors a cozy and friendly space where you feel at home. Therefore, they decide to continue the project that allows guests to enjoy a unique cuisine combined with the warmth and comfort of a hotel service.

Since then, its founders have sought that simplicity and customization come together to form a unique experience, benchmark in gastronomy and hotel. Hence, San Pietro Hotel & Restaurante continues day after day to improve their processes, products and services, thus customers prefer us and together we contribute to the welfare and rest of society.
In San Pietro Hotel & Restaurante we focus in satisfy our clients through a unique experience in quality of lodging and gastronomy. We look daily for improvement of our processes in order to be the preferred choice of our guests, employees and owners.
Being a company that generates welfare to society in general, acting responsibly and becoming a benchmark of food services and lodging.


Our company has values ​​that are essential to our employees, products and services.

Servicial(helpful): We believe that the fulfillment and satisfaction of our guests and clients are the basis of our operation.

Art of culinary: We seek that gastronomy is a key point of our value proposition

Newflanged: We investigate new methods, products, and services that contribute to the welfare of our clients

Personalized: We use customizing of our services to allow each person to feel like home

Italian: We convey an experience with italian ambiance

Experience: Our experience allows us to be consistent and create a unique moment

Tranquility: We want that our facilities transmit tranquility and serenity

Romantic: We work in making feelings essence of our service

Original: Commited to creating a unique and special place


Ideally locatated in the trendy Bocagrande, it space becomes an oasis where every detail is joined to create a unique place in the sector, where service and tranquility are essential.

With a strategic location, San Pietro Hotel & Restaurante is located 2 blocks from the beach, 10 minutes from the downtown, 15 minutes from the airport, and close to shopping, entertainment and relaxation places.